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This is how my friends describe me......:

A fun loving character who has an amazing zest for life. Someone who is boisterus, loyal and committed to what i sets on  heart ..... An easy going, sensitive, caring personality that draws anyone into  circle and an assertive, fiesty demeanor that i portrays if anyone in the circle is hurt.

The best quality that shines through ..... is definitely warm, charming smile that can soften the hardest hearts and brighten anyone's day!

Definitely a precious gem that can make a good impact on someone's life:-)

I'm not a moody or impatient person. When I love a man I'm dedicated and I'm a one man woman.

I have a good sense of humour and love to laugh and enjoy life. I love to travel. I love music and reading. I believe in living healthy. 

I don't carry my past or hurt with me. It is what it says. The past.

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